The Process Begins 

We will be making some changes along Route 66. We will be refurbishing landmarks, sites, and other significant places that help make up Route 66. These changes will be done in a special way that everyone can enjoy. We will be announcing over the coming weeks what you will be able to do along with us and share in these great changes to America’s Mother Road.
Our focus will be to reclaim history one location at a time. You will be able to even visit and enjoy these locations when we are done. The ideas as to where to start, where to go, and what gets a refurb next will come along with many other great things over the next few months. The things out there that have been untouched for decades will soon have a new look and repurpose or start to give the goods and services it once did for travelers on Route 66. Stay Tuned –


We are extremely excited about working with some of the nations biggest companies to help us make this all possible. The list of those helping us will be coming soon and we hope that you will join us along the road as we refurbish America’s Mother Road together.


Best NEW SHOW – US ! 

We are confident that we will easily become the best new show on DIY because we are totally different in so many ways. We are excited about leading the way to how the future of DIY shows are done!  There is no question with our host and talent